Alex Bjorn is the Millennial New Wave of Black Metal

Hailing from the island of Australia, Alex bring all the heartbroken and anguish of a new generation of young adults displaced of self steam and abusive freedom of speech aggression from idiots that have nothing to say.He is the quiet voice of educated persons who prefer the solitude of its thoughts than the annoying noise of laughing hyenas that can't see the tenebrous lack of perspective from the so-called generation Z and millennials. But with his several projects that talk about love, lost, feelings, desperation he covers all the basis of the depressive human feelings. Chagrin

Destined to Suffer


Ruined Mind / Wanderyng Martyr / Lifeless

Thrown Away / Joy

All this albums are kindly available as FREE DOWNLOAD on Alex Bjorn bandcamp : And on Nailed Nazarene Industries: