Daily Tip - May 18, 2020 - Green Carnation

The earnest progressive metal group Green Carnation unveil ‘Leaves of Yesteryear,’ the first new music from the band in 14 years. More approachable than the Norwegian's work in the metal bands In the Woods, Emperor, and Tristania; their unpretentious, punchy and smart sound appeals to broad swaths of the rock community. As the first part of the act's second trilogy, ‘Leaves of Yesteryear,’ serves as both a retrospective look at the band’s storied career while setting the foundation for their future.

released May 8, 2020 Vocals - Kjetil Nordhus Guitars - Terje Vik Schei Guitars - Bjørn Harstad Bass - Stein Roger Sordal Keyboards - Kenneth Silden Drums - Jonathan Alejandro Perez