Demon - The Unexpected Guess (1982)


Released 3 July 1982

Recorded 1982, Leek, Staffordshire, UK

Studio Bray Studios

Genre NWOBHM, Hard Rock

Length 45:50

Label Carrere Records

Tracklist Side A

1.Intro: An Observation 01:24

2.Don't Break the Circle 04:45

3.The Spell 03:42

4.Total Possession 03:52

5.Sign of a Madman 04:30

6.Victim of Fortune 04:42

Side B 7.Have We Been Here Before? 04:42

8.Strange Institution 04:51

9.The Grand Illusion 03:43

10.Beyond the Gates 04:20

11.Deliver Us from Evil 05:19


Dave Hill (Vocals)

Mal Spooner (Guitars)

Les Hunt (Guitars, Bass)

Chris Ellis (Bass)

John Wright (Drums)