drøne - the stilling

drøne is a project from Mark Van Hoen & Mike Harding with the assistance of many.The latest release, the stilling, was released on 10th January 2020 on Anna von Hausswolff’s label, Pomperipossa Records. Ok, this everybody should already know, but what you dont know is that drøne is that Mark Van Hoen is also know for his projects Autocreation, Black Hearted Brother, Scala, Seefeel, Sine Bubble and Mike Harding is behind ¡IT!, Batbox Orchestra, Drøne, freq_out, hhh, I Saw It All Happen From Beginning to End..., The Spire Ensemble and is Founder of Ash International, co-founder of Touch.

Lets talk abou the stilling, a field recording, ambient and drone album.

https://thisstrangelife.bandcamp.com/album/the-stilling The 4th album by drøne, (Mark Van Hoen & Mike Harding), is the 3rd for Anna von Hausswolff's label, Pomperipossa Records. Featuring Zachary Paul on violins, Charlie Campagna (bass and ‘cello) and Katt Newlon on ‘cello, the strings add lush, warm layers to a darker, edgier sound. Gabi Strong debuts on guitar and the voices of a host of vocalists inc. Claire Belhassine, Celia Eydeland, Bana Haffar, Pepa Ivanova, Nour Mobarak & Brisa Romero. With the trademark drøne sounds of static, radio voices, field recordings, modular synthesizer and found sounds, recording chance sounds right up to the final mix add to the dynamism and energy of the album. This albums includes a bonus track, black stone, featuring Zachary Paul & Gabie Strong, and a video which you can see here: field.nu/drone/blackstone Scream - its all you can do now. Overwhelming, scatter-gun information delivery has us confused, bowel churningly fearful and appalled at the nature of the changing times. We are biologically, psychologically and emotionally able to cope with slow evolutionary change, but struggle with revolutionary, violent distortion or mutation. This leaves us anxious and even desperate for a firmer footing. Fight or flight. The Stilling, a phenomenon whereby the wind speed on the planet seems to be slowing down for no known scientific reason, explores this state of discomfort and perplexion.