Infected Senses (aka Kev Winser) began as a cassette exchange project in the UK, producing four track soundscapes, mash ups, tape experiments and noise. Releases were sent around, the then, thriving international cassette and underground mail art postal network, to other producers, fans and zines. His remix of the recording 'Shimmer' by '20,000,000 Good Reasons' was featured and reviewed in, now legendary 'cassette culture' fanzines such as 'Gajoob'

Work under the name of Infected Senses, was put on hold for some time, as Kev played and toured in various Punk, Indie and Riot Grrrl bands, as well as working in Radio, local music journalism and as a DJ.

It was only in the last three or four years that the name was revived and he got up to speed with digital music production and sound manipulation.

It has been a period of quite intense and productive creativity, which has seen over 40 releases, issued on Bandcamp and a couple, very Ltd, physical CD editions. The output initially saw a return to the kind of material he once produced by analogue means but has also now extended in to sample based dance/techno, warped synth pop, dark ambient, drone, noise and other experimental sounds.

Sensing a resurgence of interest in DIY experimental music and growth of 'marginal' music practice, musical forms and of on-line production, away from regular bands and DJs, in 2017, the collective, 'Music Is Murder' was founded, with Harry (aka, 'A Waste Of Damnation' and Stuart (aka 'Anti-social services')

Music Is Murder is two monthly night dedicated to improvised, experimental, noise, weird, non-linear and the generally uncategorizable music. Until the lockdown of Spring 2020, it provided a unique space for audience and experimental producers to hear and perform and to come out of their bedrooms and on-line groups and forums for a live audience. All performances are recorded and available on the MIM Bandcamp page. MIM also released their first physical CD compilation last December, thanks to a small arts grant from Exeter City council.