NGHTCRWLR - HiSeq_Let The Children Scream

NGHTCRWLR is the latest embodiment of NYC based Iranian Artist Kris Esfandiari.

After a decade of fronting monumental Relapse & Sargent House affiliate King Woman, Kris now shape-shifts into her latest impulse. NGHTCRWLR: a hybrid of expressions; erupting into a slithering mass of noise, industrial, and 808’s. This debut sonic mutation contains the familiarity of Dean Blunt’s aplomb cadence twisted with the electronic jolt of The Prodigy.

“Let the Children Scream” is a lyrical divulgence of nefarious characters in power, a memorial erected for innocence lost by way of cloaked monstrosities. This theatrical odyssey will transport you into another dimension and leave you stupefied.

NGHTCRWLR’S long awaited LP will be ushered into the world through Amniote Editions on January 29th 2020 via Lobster Distribution and digital via Bandcamp.