Releases of the day: Nov 11,2020

1 - Endlyset - Tusen År EP 2 - Inferna - Ad Lux Interitus

3 - Nagazure - Ananta (Single)

1 - Endlyset - Tusen År EP

swedish black metal

tracklist 01.Void 07:10

02.De Döda Inombords 05:55

03.Tusen År 12:56


Debut release of independent black metal band Endlyset. Recorded at Mausoleet, Bottna during 2019-2020. Mixed and mastered by Christoffer Borg. Artwork by Marum. A. - Guitars, bass, composition. Marum (IHS) - Vocals, drums, guitars, bass, composition, everything.

2 - Inferna - Ad Lux Interitus

occult black metal


01.Svlphvr 07:15

02.Sinister 08:21


INFERNA, in latin for "Hell". Emerged as an Orthodox Black Metal into Luciferian Satanism, Chaos Gnosticism and Death Worship Cult. Ceremonies with Blood and Fire are represented into the core of the band and in every live act. Nythram / Guitars Elidor / Guitars Anzvz / Vocals & Bass Scythe / Drums

3 - Nagazure - Ananta (Single)

mantra doom


01.Ananta 07:09


Experimental Mantra Doom/Vedic Metal; Fusion of tibetan, vedic, shamanic realms. Composed, Mixed, Mastered by Nagazure

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