Releases of the day: Nov 25, 2020

1 - Febris Manea - Enhanced Audial Terrorism

2 - Hëllstrike - Spill the Blood (Demo)

1 - Febris Manea - Enhanced Audial Terrorism

experimental black metal

1.Flaying Bodies. Gnashing Teeth 04:04

2.Enhanced Audial Terrorism 03:01

3.Into the Festered Pit of Unknown Horrors 08:15

4.Emaciated Plight of Defeat 03:07

5.Sincerity in Slaughter 04:52

6.Psyop 04:16

7.Fetishization of Fear 05:35

About D.O [Instrumentation, Songwriting, Vocals, Production, Design]

Sebastian Brown [Percussion]


2 - Hëllstrike - Spill the Blood (Demo)

speed metal

1.Metal Gods 02:38

2.Master of Hell 03:30

3.Vomitor 03:36

4.Spill the Blood 02:01


First Hellstrike demo, home recorded in our guitarist's living room. We came across many difficulties such as a broken electronic drum set, alcohol (this might have actually helped, we can't really tell) and not knowing shitfuck about mixing and mastering.

Putting the self-pity aside, this is our final product, a speedy evil blackthrash demo.