Releases of the day: Nov 26, 2020

1 - Exodus-O-Atmeal - Echoes

2 - Sara Ohm - lathe cut

1 - Exodus-O-Atmeal - Echoes

noise, power violence, sound collage

1.What Was Music? 00:18

2.Kill For Pleasure 03:35

3.Hand To God 03:45

4.Magnetic is the Hunter Who Decomposes Light 03:59

5.Not Even A Shadow Was There 04:30

6.Force Me 05:33

7.The Unholy Trinity 05:44

8.Exile Becomes Heavier 06:00

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released November 26, 2020 Echoes is the fifth installment in the Exodus-O-Atmeal discography, and the first of the Echoes series synthesized at The Kaos Research Institute. Thee most experimental album EOA has released yet was crafted nearly entirely by echo and feedback manipulation. The project presents to the listener eight trance inducing harsh rhythms.

2 - Sara Ohm - lathe cut

Gothenburg hardcore punk, sara ohm, drone, no wave noise

1.Y Station X Station 03:57

2.Use A Knife To Crack It 04:37

3.Frequency Modulator 02:16

4.Crackle Static Instamatic 03:50

5.Shortwave 06:48

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released November 26, 2020 This album is available as a lathe cut (very limited edition) from the absolutely amazing label Industrial Coast. Look them up at industrialcoast [dot] bigcartel [dot] com <3 My first vinyl album I dedicate to my beloved little brother Ossan, I can still hear you through the noise. You are so loved and missed <3. My deepest gratitude and thanks to Industrial Coast without whom none of this had been possible. Their ongoing support has been invaluable and I cannot thank them enough <3. Millions of thanks also to my dear friend and mentor, Dan Fröberg, for always believing in me and for being there for me and for understanding. Thank you for everything, for support, for Ossan R.I.P and for being amazing always, thank you Mikael, my family and my friends, I love you all <3. Last, but not least, thank you Ossan, for all the long talks, for all the long walks, for all the fun times and for that ugly pie we made twice. I love you little brother. <3 You light up rooms with your presence. Recorded, written and performed by Sara Ohm 2020. Photo by Kristoffer and Sara Jansson. @saraohm81 Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas