Releases of the Day: Oct 26, 2020

Scott Lawlor Special Day :


Spank Hookers - Stygiophilia

Harsh Ambient Noise

Spank Hookers is the project name wherein noise works of a sexual and erotic nature will be explored. These works are fetish specific, often touching on very explicit subjects of extreme sexual taboo and bizarre interests. The sound and substance are varied so you won't just hear walls of noise. Stygiophiles are attracted to kinky, "sinful" sex which they believe will send them to Hell. It’s the thought of damnation, rather than the sex itself, that really turns them on. They may also be turned on by the idea of being surrounded by heat and flames. Many stygiophiles express their preferences through artworks of sexual acts taking place in Hell, which they may find or post online. Stygiophilia is closely related to pecattiphilia, which is sexual arousal inspired by commitment of sins and feelings of guilt.

released October 26, 2020

01.Actirasty 26:30

02.Stygiophilia 19:33

03.Pecattiphilia 30:30


Scott Lawlor - Iconoclasm

Space ambient

This album was inspired by The Second Council of Nicaea (A.D. 757) Iconoclasm (Eikonoklasmos, "Image-breaking") is the name of the heresy that in the eighth and ninth centuries disturbed the peace of the Eastern Church, caused the last of the many breaches with Rome that prepared the way for the schism of Photius, and was echoed on a smaller scale in the Frankish kingdom in the West. The story in the East is divided into two separate persecutions of the Catholics, at the end of each of which stands the figure of an image-worshipping Empress (Irene and Theodora). For further reading, visit Original Cover Painting By Wings of an Angel

released October 26, 2020

01.Christos antiphonetes 05:20

02.Suspicion of Holy Pictures 06:20

03.Reprehensible Cross 09:42

04.Broken Communion 06:14

05.To Break Open Shrines 09:00

06.Burn the Bodies of Saints 09:36

07.a fierce persecution of monasteries 08:32

08.Solemn Procession 22:00