Releases of the Day : Oct 27, 2020


Lush Death _ Interzona

Philippines, Salvador, drone noise wall, harsh noise, noise, Brazil


Hermit Kingdom - Captured Defectors

Kyle, electronic, harsh noise, industrial

This album is made up of harsh noise/industrial/ambient tracks that were originally composed and recorded between 2001-2003. These tracks were recently unearthed by B. Wood (also known by his flagship moniker Monggrel) and transferred from Mini disc to PC with very little sound adjustment. During the early 2000's Wood recorded under the moniker "Anatomy of a Scene", which, to this day, he associates with failure and dissatisfaction. Almost 20 years later, he decided to change the recording name to Hermit Kingdom, not only to shed the yolk of the past, but to imply the closed off nature of the tracks, and early 2000's harsh noise in general. The main purpose of this album is to give these tracks that only recently saw the light of day, a new lease on life. May they be the source of much aural pleasure and pain.

-Tracks 1-2,4-9 were composed and recorded by B. Wood. -Track 3 was composed and recorded live by B.Wood (circular saw. electronics) and Ted Stedman (vocals,circular saw). Cover art: photograph by B.Wood, taken in Mandawa, India

released October 27, 2020