Special Hallow's Eve - Oct 30, 2020


01 - Crouching Nude - No Escape from Hell

Blackened Sludge https://nailednazareneindustries.bandcamp.com/album/no-escape-from-hell


01.Ritual 02:12

02.Ascension 01:35

03.Judgement 01:39

04.Procession 01:46

05.Crucifixion 01:37


02 - Crouching Nude - Aborting the American Dream

Funeral Avant-garde



01.Eschatological Messages in Braile 02:43

02.Mixed Media on Porcelain 03:51

03.Cityscape 3 02:13

04.Self Portrait 03:26


03 - Ghost of Haven - Monolithe

Dark Drone Ambient https://nailednazareneindustries.bandcamp.com/album/monolithe


01.Le Premier Jour de l' Automne 12:33

02.Chambre 235 15:30

03.Solitude, Toujours 19:25


04 - Marla Van Horn & Tukahdus - SERENE VORTEX

Ethereal Dark Ambient



01.Laura 06:43

02.Mrok 06:36

03.Elegia 05:05

04.Lohduton 05:44

05.Mysteeri 06:34

06.Jää 07:44

07.Aallot 06:05

08.Elegia II 04:35

Serene Vortex is a collaboration project between MVH and Tukahdus

Hypnotic, dark ambient with ethereal voices and eearie atmosphere.


05 - Francesco Terrini // JUANITO))) - Decaying Monstrosity (Split)

Dark Ambient Harsh Noise, noiseambient


Francisco Terrini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj5OiufFYgU

JUANITO))) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0vc-6m9x3M

01.Francesco Terrini - The World of Yesterday 08:32

02.Francesco Terrini - Black Iron Contraption 04:33

03.Francesco Terrini - When Prophecy Fails 07:12

04.Francesco Terrini - Happiness, A Fiction You Can't Do Without 24:21

05.JUANITO))) - Pandemic Satiety 30:00

06.JUANITO))) - Selective Lockdowns 20:00


06 - Suzana's Bauten - Luzes

Drone doom noise



01.Luzes 46:10


Suzana's Bauten is an Experimental Spiritual Collective made up of three members (Jean Souza, Gil Freitas, Willame Santos), formed in June 2013 in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Not suited to the local musical and artistic scene, they invoked the dark forces of cybernetic paganism found in an old book accompanied by a pen drive giving life to Suzana, which is the mixture of electroacoustic elements in the form of emotions that originate from the chaos, leading those who dare to listen to such a melody to contradictory and extreme feelings: hatred, lust, contentment, peace, envy, compassion, nihilism, boredom, contemplation, a myriad of sensations in sound waves that can cause melting of the brain.