Turn it Down will Tear you appart

Hola amigos, my name is axel and I am the head behind turn it down.

I describe my music as follows: experimental, dark atmospheric, psychedelic harsh noise

and I always try to develop a variable depressing mood.

Yea my music is strange, I know but there are many people out there who making the same crazy stuff.

Stuff that will explode your head and make you feel that you're trapped in an endless loop of confused scratchy tones.

But I want to make it a little bit different then other harsh noise artist are doing it.

I'm not using pedals, or knobs to turn on like insane. For each of my projects,

I use fl studio or as you say fruity loops (producer software) and I want to keep it diversified.

Here you can get a short explanation how I build my tracks:

At first I put together a rough track which usually only takes a few minutes. Then I'm looking for a synthesizer.

Pitch it down and build a "melody" with it. Next step is adding noises wich I can insert or hide any time via mouse click.

And who now thinks that has nothing to do with live music is absolutely wrong

because I always record with audacity (a freeware record software) during a session.

To make the entire track sound like it is live I add different plugins like delays,

crusher, flanger, distortion, equalizer and something like this wich I can fade in and out everytime.

So who like squeak sounds and a deep bass is on the right address here.

Who is interested to have me on his label or whoever wants a collab feel free to contact me:


instagram: turnitdown.noise

instagram: highfromglue

cheers, axel